Women Helping Women

Name of Non-Profit Organization *
Women Helping Women
Today’s Date: * Monday, July 17, 2023
Organization’s website https://www.womenhelpingwomen.org/
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215 East Ninth Street, Suite 1900
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
United States
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Point of Contact for Magnified Giving Youth * Bri Ledsome
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Development Director
Point of Contact’s Email Address * bledsome@womenhelpingwomen.org
Point of Contact’s Phone Number (330) 980-1621
Executive Director’s Name *
Kristen Shrimplin
What is the mission of your organization?
Women Helping Women’s mission is to prevent gender-based violence and serve ALL survivors.
Which social causes (up to 3 choices) does your agency address through its programming? *
  • (5) Education
  • (7) Equality & Social Justice
  • (8) Health
Does your organization have volunteer opportunities available for students? *
No, sorry.
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  • Email Us at the Point of Contact Phone Number
  • Come for a Site-Visit