We Care So We’re There Center

Name of Non-Profit Organization * We Care So We’re There Center
Today’s Date: * Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Organization’s website http://www.wcwtcenter.org
EIN / 501(C)(3)Number * 47-4728105
What year did your organization receive it’s non-profit status? * 2015
Address * P.O. Box 1112
Middletown, OH 45042
United States
County * Butler
Your Name * Ann Marie Babb
Your Title * VP of Business Operations of the WCWT Center, Executive Director of Springhaven Home, Director Heart Song Printing
Your email address * ambabb.springhavenhome@gmail.com
Your Phone Number (513) 601-6860
Executive Director’s Name * Dave Wess Sr
Executive Director’s email address * davewesssr@gmail.com
What is the mission of your organization?
We Care So We’re There Center (WCWT) operates as the parent company and board of directors Springhaven Homes and Heart Song Printing & Design. WCWT conducts food distribution initiatives for those in need to include a Spread the Love movement that delivers bags full of bread, peanut butter, and jelly quarterly, on the spot, to people who are hungry. WCWT members create relationships with people in need, and connects them to resources, housing, and a wide variety of assistance.

Springhaven initiative provides national leadership as well as state and local assistance to people who have been affected by human trafficking. Springhaven collaborates with organizations to assist survivors with finding affordable housing and reengaging in a life of normalcy.

Heart Song Printing & Design is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from any form of exploitation, trafficking, and addiction. We help provide a safe and affordable place to live, job readiness training, and lifelong support if needed.

Which social causes (up to 3 choices) does your agency address through its programming? *
  • (7) Equality & Social Justice
  • (9) Hunger
  • (10) Life Skills
Any comments about your selections you would like to share with the student philanthropists? We are a small non-profit we work with the most marginalized community members and we meet people where they are at. That means that no matter what your life circumstances are we will not judge you. We will walk with you through whatever situation occurs and be supportive and give proper guidance to improve life situations as they come up,
Does your organization have volunteer opportunities available for students? * Yes, Grades 6 – 12
List possible volunteer opportunities -or- a link to where they can be found on the web. We provide personal care packages for our homeless community and there is an opportunity to help put those together. We also have the Spread the love campaign where we put bags together of peanut butter and jelly loaves of bread and other items someone experiencing food insecurity could use.
Volunteer coordinator Ann Marie Babb
Volunteer coordinator’s email address wcwt2016@gmail.com
Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (513) 601-6860