Tecumseh Land Trust

Name of Non-Profit Organization * Tecumseh Land Trust
Today’s Date: * Monday, November 16, 2020
Organization’s website http://tecumsehlandtrust.org
EIN / 501(C)(3)Number * 31-1313236
What year did your organization receive it’s non-profit status? * 1990
Address * 4633 US ROUTE 68 N P.O. Box 417
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
United States
County * United States
Your Name * Cathy Holcomb
Your Title * Office Manager
Your email address * cathy@tecumsehlandtrust.org
Your Phone Number (937) 767-9490
Executive Director’s Name * Krista Magaw
Executive Director’s email address * krista@tecumsehlandtrust.org
What is the mission of your organization? The Tecumseh Land Trust works in Clark & Greene counties to preserve farmland, open space, natural areas and water resources for the generations to come. We preserve the land from future commercial development. It will always stay in agriculture or be a dedicated natural area. Recently, we have been working more with landowners to improve their soil and conservation practices while also protecting the quality of water on their land.
Which social causes (up to 3 choices) does your agency address through its programming? *
  • (6) Environment
Does your organization have volunteer opportunities available for students? * Yes, Grades 9 – 12
List possible volunteer opportunities -or- a link to where they can be found on the web. Work days on Glass Farm to remove invasive plants or to plant native one. Assist with Earth Day activities. Make videos of some of the lands with easements on them.
Volunteer coordinator Cathy Holcomb
Volunteer coordinator’s email address cathy@tecumsehlandtrust.org
Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (937) 767-9490