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5030 Oaklawn Drive 5030 Oaklawn Drive
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Candice Jones Peelman

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Community Coordinator

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Starfire’s mission is to enrich the lives of teens and adults with developmental disabilities through unlimited opportunities that build independence and community inclusion. Starfire programs offer social, service and life skill opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities. These activities provide access to the community while offering an opportunity to build skills, develop friendships and a community network, and discover their interests and talents.

The organization’s newest program, Starfire U, began July 1st, 2008. Starfire U is a one of a kind program, designed for young people with disabilities to continue their social and personal development beyond high school. Over the course of the four-year program, there is exposure to new opportunities, a chance to explore and define a person’s gifts and talents, find valued roles in their community, and build a network of support.

Which social causes does your agency address through its programming?
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  • Community Building
  • Disability Issues

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Social Justice

Most schools have between $1000 and $1500 to grant. How could your organization a grant of this size? *

Starfire would use the grant money to aid in our Senior Capstone projects. The 4th year of Starfire U students focus on a single project that is encompassing of their interests, talents, and a path towards their future after Starfire U.

Capstone projects bring together Starfire U students with disabilities and community members with similar interests to form a committee working together on a share project. Some examples from last year include are play writing, art exhibits, animal advocacy and event planning. This years themes include photography, baking, children's advocacy, cultural awareness, and ecological sustainability. The Capstone projects are a vital part of the culmination of the 4th year of Starfire U, allowing members to make connections within their communities for success beyond our program.

Grant funds would be used to assist in the costs associated with the Capstone projects. This could include but is not limited to the use of space for projects that are performance related and logistical help and planning (i.e. professional playwright, website, promotional materials, etc.).

Proposed outcomes for this would be the full planning and completion of the project by the Starfire U student. This process would create more meaningful relationships between individuals involved in the year long planning process. The hope would be this would lead to more meaningful less isolating lives for people with disabilities outside of the Starfire U program.

Capstone projects are currently underway. Most projects will have a late spring/early summer completion date. Starfire U is a 4 year program and the new projects will begin each July with the new senior class.

Any other comments you would like to share with the students who might be reviewing your request?

Check out YouTube links from last year's projects to get a better idea of community building through shared interests!

Does your organization have volunteer opportunities available for high school students?


List possible volunteer opportunities -or- a link to where they can be found on the web.

Volunteering for Starfire means offering up your skills, sharing your passions, and contributing your gifts to build meaningful connections in your community. Be it through joining a project committee, attending an event, or supporting someone's PATH, we thrive from a diverse network of volunteers and look forward to hearing from you.

Volunteer with our Evening and Weekend Program and/or Starfire U.
This level of volunteering includes making conversations and forming relationships with the people you’re spending time with.
Example: Attending a Reds game or volunteering with a group in the Evening and Weekend Program.
Example: Experiencing a yoga session or personal finance class with a group in Starfire U.

Volunteer coordinator:

Candice Jones Peelman

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(513) 281-2100