Recovery Center of Hamilton County, Inc

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Recovery Center of Hamilton County, Inc
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2340 Auburn Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
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Chris Pedoto
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Promote health and wellness through empowerment, education, and peer support so individuals affected by mental illness can live fulfilling lives in our community.
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The Recovery Center of Hamilton County (RCHC) creates better everyday lives for individuals with mental health disorders. RCHC is the hub for a regional network that helps individuals make connections and develop natural supports in their communities that lead to whole, healthy, fulfilling lives.
More specifically, the RCHC
⮚ Adheres to the recovery model of peer-driven programs and support.
⮚ Has a positive, distinct identity as a place of hope and help for individuals with mental health disorders that are highly valued by the community at large.
⮚ Is the largest provider of Certified Peer Recovery Services in Ohio.
⮚ Serves as a state and national leader in peer support and education, providing consultation for the Peer Support Model.
⮚ Provides a wide variety of peer-led education classes for adults of all ages, as well as families, both onsite and virtually.
⮚ Collaborates with local universities to help members earn college degrees.
⮚ Provides connections with appropriate employers and other organizations throughout the region for employment, vocational training, and volunteer opportunities.
⮚ Advocates for opportunities for growth for individuals with behavioral health issues.
⮚ Recruits members of the Board of Directors who collectively provide optimal expertise, experience, relationships, and resources to help ensure the organization’s continued success in fulfilling its mission.
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Yes, Grades 9 – 12
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The RCHC plays to the strengths of its volunteers. Potential volunteers are encouraged to contact Chris Pedoto or Amanda Stoddard at (513) 241-1411 to discuss volunteer opportunities.
Volunteer coordinator Amanda Stoddard
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Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (513) 241-1411