Providence House Inc.

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Providence House
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2050 West 32nd Street
Cleveland, OH 44113
United States
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United States
Point of Contact for Magnified Giving Youth * Corbyn Martz
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Grants Specialist
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Point of Contact’s Phone Number (216) 651-5982
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Natalie A. Leek
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Providence House keeps kids safe and families together, embracing them with support to enhance stability that strengthens communities.
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  • [3] Children
  • [8] Health
  • [11] Poverty
Any comments about your selections you would like to share with the student philanthropists?
The families who come to Providence House often face a range of compounded crises that create barriers to achieving and maintaining stability. They primarily come from under-resourced communities in approximately 37 zip codes throughout Greater Cleveland. While the majority of the families we serve are single, female-headed, households of color, we also serve engaged co-parents whenever possible. Last year, 20% of our families came to us with no source of income, 90% lived at or below the Federal Poverty Line and 100% met the ALICE threshold of non-living wages. While parents/guardians struggle to overcome barriers to stability, children are often at risk of abuse, neglect, entering foster care, and missing early developmental milestones. Providence House keeps Greater Cleveland’s children safe and families together by addressing healthy child development and safety, and the root causes of family crises and barriers to stability for their families.
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