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Pink Ribbon Good (formerly Pink Ribbon Girls)
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PO BOX 62156
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Heather Salazar
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Pink Ribbon Good (formerly Pink Ribbon Girls) exists to serve every person and family affected by breast and gynecological cancer. We provide free healthy meals, rides to treatment, housecleaning essentials and peer support so no one is alone in the fight.
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  • (8) Health
  • (9) Hunger
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In 2022, PRG Cincinnati provided 40,516 healthy meals (a 37% increase), 3,570 rides to treatment (a 48% increase), 590 cleaning kits (a 154% increase) and provided over 71 events for our local clients and their families to participate in. This unequivocally shows the need for PRG is immense in the TriState.

PRG’s mission is accomplished through its two signature programs – Simply FightTM and No Age, No StageTM. Both Simply Fight TM (for breast cancer stages 0-3 or gynecological cancer stages 0-2) and No Age, No Stage TM (breast cancer stage 4 and metastatic or gynecological cancer stage 3-4) provide direct services at no cost to our clients. Clients may choose any combination of meals, rides, house cleaning essentials and peer support programs to meet their needs. Specifically, PRG offers:
● Three meals per week, per person for the client and each member of the household. Individual healthy meals are provided by Fresh N Lean, a national delivery meal company for a period of 8-24 weeks, depending on the stage and type of cancer. Meal delivery reduces some of the financial and practical concerns of feeding clients and their families and also promotes healthy nutrition as a supportive part of cancer care. In 2022, 33% of PRG Cincinnati clients live below the federal poverty guidelines and 26% are food insecure.
● Up to 30 free, door-to-door round trip rides to any medical appointment related to the diagnosis (labs, follow ups, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.). Reliable rides to medical appointments reduce the amount of missed work for clients and their caregivers (thereby increasing financial security) and also improve treatment compliance. Last year, 29% of PRG Cincinnati clients in the Tri-State were ride insecure.
● All-natural, non-toxic, fragrance-free house cleaning essentials, provided by Branch Basics, and a lightweight Tacony vacuum to maintain a safe, clean environment for immunocompromised clients.
● Peer support, offered both in-person and virtually and targeted to the specific concerns of breast and gynecological cancer patients.

By helping people to alleviate the practical and emotional stresses associated with a cancer diagnosis, our clients are better able to focus on treatment and healing. Our services increase treatment compliance, improve nutrition and provide valuable emotional support so that clients can focus on healing and their families.

Founded in Cincinnati in 2002 by breast cancer patients, PRG was initially a support group designed to empower other women in their courageous fights to battle and survive breast cancer. It was solely a peer support group until 2012, when PRG began offering free services, including meals, medical transportation, house cleaning and other social support options.

Our organization is led by a dynamic breast cancer survivor, Heather Salazar, who has personal experience with the inequities of care. In 2002, Heather learned of Alexis Preston, a 23 year old single African American mother in her community who was so sick with stage 4 breast cancer that she was considering putting her 8 month old daughter in foster care. Moved with compassion, Heather reached out and ultimately adopted the infant, who joined Heather’s growing family in caring for Ms. Preston. Alexis ultimately succumbed to her disease in June 2003. In a unique twist of fate, Heather learned just 18 months later that she too had the exact same type of aggressive cancer that had taken Alexis’ life. However, due to early detection and more resources, Heather was able to battle the disease and has now been cancer-free for 18 years.

As a result of Heather’s personal experiences, health care equity and tangible services have become an even bigger part of PRG’s mission. As president and CEO, Heather has utilized her professional expertise and personal experiences to shape PRG’s growth trajectory. Under her leadership, PRG has grown to serve six regions (Dayton, OH; Cincinnati, OH; Columbus, OH; St Louis, MO; San Francisco, CA; and Buffalo, NY)

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Yes, Grades 6 – 12
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Please reach out to our Chasity Metz, PRG’s Community Engagement Coordinator for volunteer opportunities.
Volunteer coordinator Chasity Metz
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Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (513) 907-0479