Mater Filius Queen City

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Mater Filius Queen City
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134 Whipple Street
Cincinnati, OH 45233
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Mikki Doerger
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Our motto is “Defending Life with Love”.

Mater Filius Queen City is a nonprofit home created to help pregnant women who find themselves without the support of family or who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Our mission is to safeguard the life of the unborn child and defend the dignity of the child’s mother, regardless of how the child was conceived.

Our vision is to help expectant mothers learn about good parenting through our parenting workshops and through the education, caring and support of our volunteers, many of whom are mothers themselves.

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  • (3) Children
  • (7) Equality & Social Justice
  • (11) Poverty
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We are a pro-life home for pregnant , homeless women and have room for them and their babies up to 8 months after delivery. We are also opening an early childhood learning center. We work to break the generational cycle of poverty by empowering women to care for themselves and their children.
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Yes, Grades 9 – 12
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Volunteer coordinator Barb Williams
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Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (513) 351-3368