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Mad Kicks
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232 Prospect Street
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Marlene Thies
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Mad Kicks provides shoes for kids with braces, as well as fun socks to the patients at Perlman Center. The Center, located at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, provides therapy to children that have Cerebral Palsy or other related disorders. We believe all kids deserve a good pair of shoes on their journey to walk.
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  • (3) Children
  • (8) Health
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Many parents of CP patients cannot work because of the level of commitment it takes to care for these beautiful children. In return their kids rarely get new things like shoes and socks. I know from my own experience that shoes for braced kids are expensive. They are also not covered by insurance or Medicaid.
Mad Kicks is a unique organization that not only provides shoes for kids on their journey to walk but also spreads awareness about this issue. Proper footwear is needed for these kids to be able to walk, and they are deprived of this because of finances or not knowing what to buy.
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