Inter Parish Ministry Food Pantry

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Inter Parish Ministry
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3509 Debolt Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244
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President and CEO
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Alida Hart
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The mission of Inter Parish Ministry (IPM) is to provide food and communal support to those in need. Through its provision of life-enhancing resources, IPM works to empower clients to overcome hunger and to support pathways out of poverty with dignity and respect. Its vision is to create thriving, food-secure communities.
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  • (9) Hunger
  • (11) Poverty
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For almost 60 years, IPM has been a trusted community resource that has been providing emergency food relief to individuals and families on Cincinnati’s eastern periphery. IPM is also one of the few frontline food pantries that operates at a regional level (across multiple counties). In 2022, IPM served households across 32 ZIP codes in southwest Ohio.

In order to support the creation of a more resilient and equitable food resource environment in southwest Ohio, IPM has developed scalable solutions and high-impact programming that removes barriers and expands access (including client choice and drive-through food pantries, mobile and pop-up food pantries in targeted neighborhoods and food deserts) and promotes greater inter-agency cooperation and resource sharing in order to meet the needs of clients across multiple life domains (through its Food Resource Hub).

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Yes, Grades 6 – 12
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IPM relies on an extremely capable and generous set of individuals, corporate groups, service clubs, students, churches, and faith-based organizations to assist in the sorting and distribution of food (at both fixed and mobile pantry sites). IPM currently has approximately 100 active volunteers (with a base of 480 volunteers). Volunteers are well managed and are able to make significant contributions. Additional information regarding volunteer opportunities can be found on the IPM website (
Volunteer coordinator Nicole Gordon
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Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (513) 527-6265