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Holly Hill Children's Services

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9599 Summer Hill Road.
California, Kentucky 41007
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Dawn Michaels

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Development Specialist

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(859) 635-0500

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Holly Hill Children's Services strengthens the lives of children through its programs and services focused on the child.

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  • Children & Youth
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  • Family & Parenting
  • Health
  • Women's Issues

Most schools have between $1000 and $1500 to grant. How could your organization use a grant of this size? *

Holly Hill Children's Services is an organization with many children as our clients. One way that we could use this grant is to fund recreational activities for our children. Our Residential Treatment Program serves adolescent teenage girls with severe emotional and behavioral issues. Over 80% have been abused and neglected. They live with us for an average of 6-9 months. While in our care the girls work on behavioral goals through individual, group, and family therapy. We like to be able to reward them for reaching their behavioral goals but there usually isn’t a lot of extra money. This grant could pay for a field trip or off campus experience. Not only would it be a positive reinforcement in their therapy work but also expose them to an experience they are not likely to have in their everyday life. The girls also participate in many craft projects while with us. For many it is a coping mechanism and has a therapeutic effect. Mone y is always needed to purchase some of these non-necessity items such as stickers, markers, paint, and coloring books, and other crafting materials. Holly Hill offers an additional six programs to the community including Foster Care, Adoption, Case Management, Therapy Services, Supervised Visitation and Therapeutic Child Support. Any one of these programs could utilize funding for activities for their clients.

Holly Hill Children Services recently purchased a new building which will house our Community Based programs (Case Management, Therapy Services, Supervised Visitation, and Therapeutic Child Support.) As we get closer to the actual move-in date we know there will be many items that will need to be purchased including a security system, new furniture for the family visiting rooms, and various other items.

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Due to privacy regulations and possible HIPAA violations, students are normally only allowed on campus when the girls in our Residential Treatment program are not on-site. We try to schedule accordingly.

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Connie Wong

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(859) 635-0500