Gates Mills Land Conservancy

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Gates Mills Land Conservancy
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P.O. Box 13
Gates Mills, OH 44040
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Nat Smith
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The Gates Mills Land Conservancy protects nearly 700 acres of important natural, recreational and scenic resources within the Village and the Chagrin River Watershed.
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  • [6] Environment
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We are a small, completely volunteer-run organization dedicated to conserving and protecting the forests, wetlands, and watershed of the Chagrin Valley within Gates Mills. We appreciate your interest and support!
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Yes, Grades 6 – 12
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Our big volunteer efforts are around stopping the spread of invasive plants within our properties, especially the Sherman Road Preserve. This includes going through and cutting and treating invasive shrubs and other plants that will out-compete our native Ohio plants. We also would like to do more clean-ups on our properties to remove garbage and debris and protect the natural environment.
Volunteer coordinator Jamie Carracher
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Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (202) 368-4860