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Ethan’s Purpose Inc.
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1787 Coachtrail Drive
Hebron, Kentucky 41048
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Point of Contact for Magnified Giving Youth * Debbie Zegarra
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Debbie Zegarra
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Ethan’s Purpose is a local non-profit foundation dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of good mental health and suicide prevention. It was founded in 2018 when our son, Ethan Thomas, lost his life to suicide at age 16. Ethan was adopted, subsequently diagnosed with anxiety, depression and ADHD and was in counseling at the time of his death. We were unaware at that time of how all of these factors played a part in Ethan’s mental health, and were unaware of how we could help him learn strategies to cope with these challenges. We have made it our mission to arm other families, schools and teachers with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to educate and support those students who may be struggling with the same challenges that Ethan faced.
The initial focus of Ethan’s Purpose was to assist local schools with at-risk students identified by counselors who would greatly benefit from counseling but do not have access due to lack of providers and/or financial burden. Said students typically suffer from anxiety, depression, grief and social isolation or other traumas. Our foundation has partnered with several licensed therapists to work with the schools and provide small group counseling.
QPR is a nationally recognized suicide prevention program and stands for Question, Persuade and Refer – the 3 steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. We present this program at the school to teachers/staff to teach them to recognize the warning signs of suicidal behavior and how to obtain help for a student in crisis.
This year we have launched an educational program geared towards students, Ethan’s Challenge. Presented during school hours to students, this program addresses mental wellness, suicide prevention, warning signs of suicidal behavior and where/how to obtain help for students or their friends.
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  • (3) Children
  • (5) Education
  • (8) Health
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According to the CDC and the most current confirmed statistics, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people aged 10-14, and it is reported that 13% of 10th graders experience suicidal ideation at least one time. The reality is that suicide is preventable and the more we promote/teach awareness and prevention and implement learned strategies in our schools, the better parents and teachers can be prepared to help students and families.

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Yes, Grades 9 – 12
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We host several fundraisers each year to finance our foundation. In the spring, we host a community yard sale and in September we host a 5K race/walk. We can always use volunteers at these events.
Volunteer coordinator Patty Keller
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