Education Matters

Name of Non-Profit Organization * Education Matters
Today’s Date: * Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Organization’s website
EIN / 501(C)(3)Number * 23-7121512
What year did your organization receive it’s non-profit status? * 1971
Address *

2104 Saint Michael Street
Cincinnati, OH 45204
United States
County * Hamilton
Your Name * Patty Lee
Your Title * Director of Development & Communications
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Your Phone Number (513) 244-2214
Executive Director’s Name * Mary Delaney
Executive Director’s email address *
What is the mission of your organization? Education Matters exists to inspire learning and strengthen community by removing barriers to education. Our organization works to address the gap in educational opportunities for adults in the Lower Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio and surrounding communities.
Which social causes (up to 3 choices) does your agency address through its programming? *
  • (5) Education
  • (10) Life Skills
Any comments about your selections you would like to share with the student philanthropists?
The overall goal of Education Matters is to inspire learning and strengthen community by removing barriers to education. Our core programs open the door for students to re-engage at any level from learning basic literacy to earning a college degree. Education Matters is made up of two programs,

1.) Education Forward, our unique approach to preparing adults for college and career and

2.) English Connection, resources for English language learners from over 35 countries engage to acquire the necessary skills to thrive as members of the Cincinnati community. Students are encouraged to connect as appropriate across both programs, and we currently have 15 students taking both English classes and receiving GED or college support.

Across our program areas, Education Matters believes that every individual deserves the opportunity to meet their educational and career goals. To remove barriers that prevent students from re-engaging, Education Matters offers onsite childcare, transportation assistance in the form of bus tokens, and holistic services, such as housing and food assistance through a partnership with Community Matters. While other organizations offer GED preparation assistance or English classes, no other organization offers the flexibility, individualized instruction, or the holistic services that Education Matters offers to realize the unique potential of each person.

Does your organization have volunteer opportunities available for students? * No, sorry.