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To provide a recovery housing program in Adams County based on structure and accountability that leads to physical, financial, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

For every resident to become the man or woman they were created to be, not only in their life, but in their family, church, and community.

To transform lives through the 12 steps, bridging the gap between spirituality and traditional approaches.

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  • [5) Education
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To provide a recovery housing program for those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues in Adams County. Working together with Adams County Community Corrections (ACCC), Judge Conrad’s Mental Health Problem Solving Court, and the Adams County Detention Center, Crossroads Community will take individual who were once in active addiction, a menace to society, and a burden to the taxpayer and provide housing for 6-12 months. We will also provide transportation, job readiness training, job placement assistance, finance and budgeting skills, support group meetings, counseling and other services as needed. We provide a holistic approach to recovery including physical, financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual help they need to become functioning, contributing members of society who are no longer a burden to the taxpayers in the community, but sober, employed, contributing members giving back to the community.

Incarceration costs for 1 inmate in the AC jail is $20,000/year. Using a very exaggerated (low) number of 1 inmate per month being referred to our program, we will save the county the cost of housing 12 inmates per year which is equivalent to $240,000/year. Multiply that by 5 years and you get $1.2M saved from being paid by taxpaying residents of Adams County, the exact amount we are requesting from the ARPA fund. Keep in mind, that is the savings of CC housing 1 inmate per month. We hold 16 residents. You can easily do the math there.
A typical ER visit caused by a drug-induced overdose ranges from $20,000 and up according to the AMH cost estimate sheet provided on their website. This is only a (very) low-range estimate of the ambulance, hospital fee for ER services only (IV, bloodwork, lab analysis, and cardiology services due to heart failure), and not inclusive of any medical personnel or additional services that may be needed once the patient is resuscitated). If Crossroads Community can save 1 person from losing their life due to an overdose death the program would be priceless, but if a price tag must be put on a human life, that potentially comes to another $20,000 per month, $240,000 annually.

Treatment in the form of detox services averages $3,000 for a 3-5 day stay. Add $20,000 for a typical 28-day treatment program (Landmark in FW), plus an additional $10,000 for 3 months of IOP, you are looking at $33,000 for 4 months of services at the taxpayers’ expense that still does not provide the basic survival needs of a person in recovery such as housing, employment, support groups, aftercare, or any additional services the person needs for the next phase of life. Again, if CC could help just 1 person a month from incurring the $33,000 cost added to the taxpayer’s bill, that savings equals, approximately $400,000/year. Multiply that by only 3 years and you get $1.2M, that will be saved from having to be paid by every taxpaying resident of Adams County.

As you can easily see, the return on investment made to help those directly affected, is exponential. Each of the above-mentioned scenarios are based on 1 person per month from each category group. Again, we house 16 with room to grow every year. The amount of savings to our community of Adams County is enormous, not only on a financial level, but on a human life level as the output, or finished product, of our program is a person who was once lost in the grip of addiction, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and despair to that of a well-rounded, functioning and contributing member of the community. Where once this person was a menace to society and a burden to every taxpayer, they are now physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy and contributing to the economy rather than being a drain on it.

We are here today to ask you to please consider investing in the future and well-being of Adams County. This is hopefully a one-time ask of you to invest wisely in this organization’s efforts to transform lives which has the potential to save the county millions of dollars over the course of the next few decades as I have presented number based only on the first 5 years of operation. We plan to be here for many years to come and be seen as a pillar of the community where SUD and mental health are not only a true concern, but positive, measurable services have been put into place to provide these individuals with the much-need help they require and deserve and therefore making our county a much more desirable place to live which in turn helps Adams County by aligning with its short-term and long-term goals of economic development and growth that will attract more people and cause them to desire to be a part of Adams County strong!

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Yes, Grades 9 – 12
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Helping feed the residents of our sober-living facility.
Helping residents write their resume and apply for jobs.
Learning how to help those with disabilities overcome social barriers and succeed in their recovery journey.
Volunteer coordinator Rene LeBlanc
Volunteer coordinator’s email address
Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (260) 301-4501