Council on Child Abuse

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The Council on Child Abuse
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2600 Victory Parkway Attn. Development
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Harold V. Howard
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The Council on Child Abuse (COCA) provides educational and public awareness programs to prevent and stop child abuse and bullying where children live, learn and play.
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  • (3) Children
  • (5) Education
Our School-Based Personal Safety program focuses on a variety of child abuse and bullying prevention programs while also supporting area schools’ ability to comply with Ohio House Bill 19. Students learn abuse prevention and personal safety strategies. COCA’s curriculum aims to teach children to understand personal boundaries and how to become their own advocates in terms of child abuse and bullying. COCA teaches children to recognize the main types of abuse including physical, verbal, sexual and neglect and the main types of bullying behavior including physical, verbal, sexual, social and cyberbullying. Students understand through education materials, examples of the main types of abuse and bullying behavior. Students also have opportunities to disclose current or previous abuse, bullying and related problems.
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