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Community Happens Here
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Ruth Anne Wolfe
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Community Happens Here exists to create resilient neighborhood community by teaching business basics, modeling authentic hospitality, and connecting people across difference. We connect those who have greater social capital with those who have less social capital using process art, intercultural programming, and intercultural experiences.

This makes us a resource for our neighbors, a destination for families, and a space for learning, growth, and inspiration.

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  • (2) Arts & Culture
  • (7) Equality & Social Justice
  • (11) Poverty
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It’s a brisk morning in Pleasant Ridge.

The sky is cloudy and wind gusts swell, as local students make their way up the driveway to begin their Sidewalk Hospitality shifts at Community Happens Here.

There’s Shawn, the class clown with an award-worthy smile. And Imani, who’s wearing a shirt she helped design for a club at school. They get right to work.

Shawn pops popcorn while Imani prepares supplies for the art table. More teammates arrive. Carter wheels out a cart of mugs, as Jasmine brews coffee and makes hot cocoa.

Before long, the result of their work is manifest.

Together, this team of students has created an outdoor space where classmates can reconnect on the weekends; where dialogues are facilitated between the resourced and the under-resourced, between those with access and those without; and where neighbors have the opportunity to become friends, allies, and advocates for one another.

It’s led to job opportunities, deepened friendships, and honest conversations about cultural differences.

It’s vital work.

And we appreciate the support of those who invest in this mission.

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Yes, Grades 6 – 12
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Student volunteers create spaces of hospitality and welcome at Community Happens Here each Saturday at a gathering we call Sidewalk Hospitality. These volunteers spend time serving tea, making art, and initiating conversations between neighbors. The goal is that new connections will be formed as neighbors enjoy a warm beverage, create side by side, and engage in substantive dialogue.

Ultimately, Community Happens Here hopes to help create a safer and more equitable community by teaching children and adults the skills of conversation, empathy, togetherness, and kindness.

Volunteer coordinator Ruth Anne Wolfe
Volunteer coordinator’s email address
Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (513) 307-3640