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Cincinnati Parks Foundation
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The Cincinnati Parks Foundation (CPF/The Foundation) was founded in 1995 and is the main philanthropic partner of Cincinnati Parks. CPF’s mission is to build broad-based private/public partnerships that support the conservation and enhancement of our city’s parks and greenspaces. Cincinnati’s historic parks system is made up of over 150+ parks and green spaces, covering 5,000+ acres, and is currently rated 4th in the country by the Trust for Public Land. While Cincinnati’s parks system makes up roughly 10% of the city’s total land area, public funding only accounts for a portion of the overall budget required to keep our parks at this nationally recognized level.
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The Cincinnati Parks Foundation (CPF) is a nonprofit organization established in 1995 to support the conservation and enhancement of Cincinnati’s historic parks system. Our mission is to build broad-based private/public partnerships that bridge the gap between public funding and necessary private investment, which has allowed us to raise over $100M over the past 28 years. We serve the City of Cincinnati’s 309,317 citizens and the surrounding tri-state area, and our parks cover over 5,000 acres of land. CPF’s vision focuses on revitalizing neighborhood parks, activating spaces with free, accessible, and inclusive programming, conserving the beauty of a 200-year-old urban park system, and creating spaces for all to enjoy.

We have successfully developed strategic partnerships and programs that help us achieve our vision. For example, we created ReLeaf, an annual program that has increased Cincinnati’s tree canopy by placing free trees into the hands of individuals to plant at their homes. This effort has created greater livable communities by reducing the heat index and beautifying these spaces-­neighborhoods with a tree canopy under 40% (often low-income neighborhoods) are prioritized. Additionally, we have partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital be.well program and Luke5 Adventures to create access to individuals with disabilities so that they can experience our parks through adaptive hiking, yoga, martial arts, pickleball, running, and more. We also support busing 1,000+ low-income youth to our nature centers to learn about and explore the natural world.

At CPF, we believe that our parks are for everyone and work to create a welcoming and inclusive space with free, accessible, and inclusive programming because parks are essential to the well-being of our communities. They provide spaces for recreation, relaxation, and reflection, as well as habitats for wildlife. Investing in our park’s system is proven to increase property values, attract businesses, increase community engagement, decrease crime, improve public health, and help future generations learn about our environment. Together, we can do more in Cincinnati Parks.

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Yes, Grades 6 – 12
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Volunteers can help with litter clean-ups, tree and plant plantings, mulching, special events, and more.
Volunteer coordinator Christyl Johnson-Roberts
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Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (513) 240-5735