Childhood Food Solutions

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Childhood Food Solutions
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2573 St. Leo Pl
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Tony Fairhead
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The mission of Childhood Food Solutions is to develop solutions for childhood food insecurity that can be applied in a community, tested for effectiveness and duplicated in other communities.
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  • (3) Children
  • (9) Hunger
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Childhood Food Solutions (CFS) attacks the problem of “running out of food.” A 2021 survey across three low-income Cincinnati neighborhoods found that 21% of families reported “running out of food.”
CFS’s biggest program delivers boxes of kid-friendly, shelf-stable, boxes of food (equivalent to about 28 school meals) to families who are at risk of running out of food. Families sign up with schools, social workers or medical professionals, who provide delivery addresses to CFS. CFS does not know names. Families can request (and receive) as many boxes as they need. This means that families are in charge of this program.
Families are reporting less stress. We believe CFS food boxes overcome 4 stress-producing barriers:
– Grocery deserts/lack of reliable transportation
– Losing SNAP because of a minor error, or the “Cliff Effect” when SNAP is reduced significantly as income improves
– Food pantries accidentally create shame and stigma that discourages participation
– The challenge of budgeting for non-school days
Home delivery of as many food boxes as a family requests reduces these sources of stress.
CFS’s program addresses President Biden’s concern expressed in September: “Too many families don’t know where they are going to get their next meal.” CFS’s objective is for the answer to be simple: Your next meal is in the free box of groceries that was delivered to your doorstep.
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