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Brave Like Me Foundation
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Brave Like Me is a non-profit organization focused on inspiring and improving the lives of children suffering from complex medical conditions. We help the communities surrounding these children, aiming to foster clarity, confidence and resilience in their fight against the illness and in their effort to live the fullest life possible. We achieve this through four programs designed to address specific areas of opportunity and need – Brave Pets, Brave Friends, Brave Parents and Brave Schools.
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Animals: Brave Pets is designed to create safe and fun spaces for Children’s Hospital Patients and their family pets. Only a handful of children’s hospitals in the United States have dedicated pet centers where children can visit with their own furry family members. We envision a place where children can throw a ball with their dog or laugh at their cat chasing a laser point on the ground. That’s why we’re working to create Brave Pets centers.

Children: Brave Friends is a program designed to provide life-changing mini-adventures for kids and teens impacted by complex health conditions. We know that conquering fears is easier with the support of friends, so we encourage these kids to bring 2-4 friends along for their adventures. Our adventures will include indoor rock climbing, high-ropes courses, zip-lining, and more. By helping these kids and teens live brave lives, we hope to inspire them to believe that anything is possible.

Education: The Brave Like Brayden Library is a specially curated collection of children’s books designed to teach life lessons that were important to Brayden. These lessons include courage, perseverance, honesty, integrity, humor, cooperation, and curiosity. By providing children in underserved communities with access to these books, we hope to help them develop their own literacy skills and foster a love of reading.

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Yes, Grades 6 – 12
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While our volunteer opportunities will expand over time, our current opportunities are with our Brave Schools partner, Queen City Book Bank (QCBB). This organization is creating a “Brave Like Brayden Library” to complement their curated book distribution program. This unique program enables teachers in underserved schools to select new books based on each child’s interest, reading, level and background. Each child receives 10 new books per school year.

Inspired by Brayden, the QCBB is adding this special collection of books which teach the important and universal lessons taught by the way he lived his life. Once these books are received to the QCBB warehouse, they will need to be prepped for delivery to students. This includes being stickered with a book plate so that each child can write their name in the front of the book and also stickered on the outside of the book to indicate that it is part of this special collection. In addition to these tasks, volunteers could also assist by hosting a book drive or sorting/shelving new and used books at the Queen City Book Bank.

Volunteer coordinator Michelle Guenther
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Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (513) 256-2529