Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland

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Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland
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P. O. Box 391037
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United States
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Dr. James Tomko, OD
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The mission of the Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland, a chapter of the National Audubon Society, is to promote the conservation and appreciation of birds and other wildlife through habitat preservation and educational activities focusing on the greater Cleveland community.
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  • [1] Animals
  • [5] Education
  • [6] Environment
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We are stewards of nearly 600 acres in 4 sanctuaries in NE Ohio which we protect as habitat for birds and other animals, controlling invasive plant species to enhance native tree and other native plant growth. We lead guided walks for the public through those sanctuaries every month, highlighting different seasonal themes. Our Speakers Bureau presents 25 – 30 talks on birds and the environment throughout NE Ohio every year along with 9 Zoom presentations on related topics, also open to the public. We support a Bird Club for minority students at a Cleveland school, both financially and through educational presentations and field trips. We sponsor an annual birding challenge each September as a way to encourage families and others to experience the beauty and wonder of nature and birds. Educational programs are offered before that event for people new to birding. All this is free to participants. All our members are volunteers and we receive funding strictly through donations by individuals and organizations who believe in our work.
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Yes, Grades 9 – 12
List possible volunteer opportunities -or- a link to where they can be found on the web.
Trail Crew work on various projects within our sanctuaries, including building projects and invasive species removal.
Helpers at Chagrin River Bird Quest (Sept. 8-9, 2023).
Assist teaching K – 3 graders during Junior Birder Day (usually in February).
We would love to teach any interested students more about birds and their habitats, then have them participate during our monthly sanctuary programs.
Volunteer coordinator Bancroft Twaddell
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Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (440) 781-4514