Angels by the Trail

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Angels by the Trail
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118 Bares Creek Ct.
Loveland, OH 45140
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Angels by the Trail is a 60 X 20-foot Mural in Loveland, OH covering a prominent, unused industrial wall with bright joyful graffiti-style artwork. The purpose of the Angels by the Trail is to give an empty space over to the celebration of the lives and memory of Loveland – area school aged children who have passed on too soon. The area near the mural will include a bench and landscaping.

The location is on the side of Eads Hardware property facing the Scenic Little Miami Trail and the Little Miam River beyond it, near the Linda Cox parking lot on Karl Brown way.

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We will do a grand opening ceremony in 2023. We will need help in the spring of 2024 and beyond to keep up the landscaping.
Volunteer coordinator Stacey Lund
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Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (513) 500-4044